The question "Why do customers buy from WTI?" is often asked. Customers buy from WTI because of tight tolerance, high quality, high strength, and excellent customer service. Customers repeatedly say that WTI exceeds the service of its competitors. Customers are brought to WTI via its reputation in the industry. In many cases they have found that competitors have recommended WTI after they have failed to meet the requirements of the customer.

There is a very strong inside sales group matched with technical expertise that is usually not found in the tubing industry. A further area of assistance comes from the technical support that WTI can provide to a customer based on previous experience that key personnel have within the organization. This information helps customers to be more competitive or more productive in the processes.

Competitive Advantage

WTI has several advantages in the marketplace, which can be summed up to these three key core advantages. First there is the culture of manufacturing the highest quality products. Second, WTI manufactures tubing with the tightest tolerances in the industry. Third, products are produced from steels that have the highest strength for small diameter, heavy wall products. WTI's core advantages are:

  • Quality
  • Tolerances
  • Strength

Quality - weld integrity is the most critical aspect of a welded tube and therefore places great emphasis on ensuring the integrity of tube welds. Because of the controls that WTI has put in place adjacent to the welding process it is able to evaluate the integrity of the welds immediately and take appropriate action in the weld process to prevent future failures and to protect the customer from receiving subpar material.

Tolerance - a significant advantage has been gained in the marketplace through the strategic use of tighter tolerances on the OD of small diameter tubing. Tight tolerances allow our customer to look at our ERW products in place of higher costing materials.

Strength - for nearly ten years WTI has developed the expertise manufacturing tubular products in strength steels.

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