World Class Tube Manufacturing

High quality, tight tolerance tubing has been a benchmark of Welded Tubes throughout its more than 60 year history. We invest annually in new equipment and process improvements to provide our customers a faster response time and a world class tubing product. OEM customers in the automotive, appliance, health and fitness, industrial machinery, and furniture industries have come to depend on Welded Tubes to deliver a cost-effective tubing solution. As an IATF 16949:2016 certified manufacturer, we adhere to the quality systems and standards essential to be a reliable OEM supplier.

Electric-Resistance Welding... a better process

The manufacturing process for precision welded carbon steel tubing begins with coils of steel, which are slit to the proper width for desired size. The cut strip passes through a series of rollers that progressively form it into a tubular shape. It then passes through our high frequency electric-resistance welder, which joins the edges together under pressure and forms a clean, strong bond.

The high frequency electric-resistance welding process assures a stronger weld than conventional TIG and laser welds. No filler metal is added to the weld and due to metallurgical changes occurring during the process, the welded joint is actually stronger than the parent material.

Proven Weld Integrity

Metallurgical testing and analysis confirms the effectiveness of electric-resistance welding. Microscopic inspection of weld cross sections shows the structure in the heat affected zone recrystallizes to form an excellent metallurgical bond.

Tight Tolerance Tubing

Our custom designed tube mills are equipped with SPC control of OD to ensure consistent on-spec tubing, which allows our customers to maximize their productivity and uptime. Macro optical inspection of our tubing confirms OD tolerances required to be held. In virtually every instance, these tolerances are superior to those of competition.

Repeatable Quality

With more than a half century experience, Welded Tubes has established a complete quality system that is repeatable "every time". In addition to meeting the specific requirements of IATF 16949:2016, we employ a range of quality control tools, including SPC (statistical process control), pre-control charting, 8D problem solving analysis, PPAP (pre production approval process), FMEA (potential failure mode effects analysis), control planning, MSA (measurement systems analysis), APQP (advanced product quality planning), and DOE (design of experiments analysis).

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